Mini PIC-PLC Application Module

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SKU : VM142
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Skill Level : Assembled and Tested
ROHS Compliant

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This application module may seem small but is big in performance - all depends on your programming skills. Now you can create your own custom application without the hassle of making the hardware. All the buffered inputs and outputs are ready-made for you. The module features on-board LED, a relay output and a buzzer. Make your own automation, controller, car application… All you need is one of our programmers like vm134 or K8076


9 free programmable I/Os (4 in-, 5 outputs)
PIC16F630 microcontroller from Microchip® on-board
LED indication for power supply and relay output
1 free programmable LED indication
on-board mini buzzer for audible signals
on-board ICSP™ connector for programming
PIC™ programmer supports PIC16F630.
The Controller (type PIC16F630) can be programmed in Microchip PIC Assembler and other compilers. The compiler HEX file can be programmed using one of our PIC programmers K8048, K8076, VM111 or VM134. usermanual_vm142.pdf vm142_uk.pdf


power supply: 12V DC (unregulated) / 100mA
4 inputs (voltage sensing inputs)
input signal voltage: 5 - 24VDC, @ 4K7
4 NPN transistor outputs (open-collector, sink outputs).:
transistor output current: max. 100mA each
direct 12V relay drive possible (no need for protection diode)
1 relay output with NO/NC contact (2A)
MCU speed: fixed 4MHz internal oscillator
dimensions: 80 x70 x 25mm / 3,15 x 2,75 x 0,98"
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