Spyder-UART over Narrow Band Powerline Communication Modem

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Description: Based on the feedback of previous generations, This new third-generation powerline communication modem product consists of a PLC-UART motherboard, a UART-RS232 daughter board, a UART-RS485 daughter board, a UART-USB daughter board, and a UART-Ethernet daughter board.On the PLC-UART motherboard, there is a 20-pin receptacle, users can choose different daughter boards based on the interface needs. This 20-pin receptacle is pin-compatible with Xbee module from Digi (http://www.digi.com/). So an Xbee module can also be used on PLC-UART, and PLC-UART will become a powerline communication to a Zigbee bridge.
  • Revised pro version
  • AC and DC powerline Communications
  • 5~24V wide range DC power supply.
  • Built-in opto-electronic coupling on the UART interface to provide protection of the host machine or board.
  • No ceramic filter and therefore non-fragile.
  • Fully transparent mode, plug and play coming out of the box without the need to do any programming.
  • Built-in error correction codes.
  • Built-in repeater function to extend the coverage.
  • Physical and logic address
  • AT commands used for advanced configuration.
  • UART interface to host uP
  • FSK(Frequency Shift Keying) modulation used in physical layer
  • Low power Design
  • RoHS
  • Small module size, and easy to be implemented into existing products.
  • 5V to 24V DC power supply
The new generation PLC-UART motherboard also supports DIP by optional pins that can be used to directly plug into a user's board (no screws required). The interface board signals, such as RS232/RS485/USB signals, are also routed back to motherboard through the 20-pin receptacle, and again to users' board through the DIP pins.

Powerline communication transceiver modules are transceiver modules designed to send/receiver serial data over the powerline network. PLC-UART is designed to transparently move serial data over the powerline network, and achieves the target of replacing cables by the ubiquitous powerline network.

These modules have a built-in packet-level repeater function. This feature can greatly extend the coverage of the powerline communication.

This module also has both physical and logic addresses. In a network, both physical and logic addresses can be used to address different nodes in the network.
Don't forget the interface card.

  • AMR
  • Industry manufacture and control
  • Safeguard, fire alarm, smoke alarm
  • Collect and transmit instrument data
  • Safeguard and monitor
  • Home automation
  • Parking Meters


Part Number




Operating  Voltage

AC communication, 110V/220V 50/60Hz

DC communication

Module Supply Voltage  External 5V-24V DC


FSK(Frequency Shift Keying)

Carrier frequency


Error Correction

FEC(Forward Error Correction)

Raw Data rate on Powerline


Maximum packet data length


Repeater Hops

3 Hops

Transmission distance

300 feets(no repeater)

Support nodes number



Power Line Activity  LED

system LED

serial port LED

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