IR Cut-switch Device SH-B-R1

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Description: IR cut filters are great for day time images, because the sunlight does not cause a pink hue in the image. However they do not work at night because it blocks out light from an IR light illuminator. The same it true in reverse, without a IR cut filter the night time images turn out very good but the daytime images have a pink discoloration. This cut switch allows the IR filter to be turned on and off. The IR Cut Switch filters out intensive light to create more beautiful and natural image color in either day or night. 


  • Filter size: ψ8.0mm 
  • Rated current: 233mA (AT input 3.5V)
  • Operating Voltage:
    • Close → Open: 3.5V; 200ms-5V
    • Open → Close: 3.5V; 200ms-5V 
  • Life:100,000 time min
  • DC Resistance: Excite resistance 15Ω ± 10% (at 20°C) 
  • Storage temperature range: -20°C To +60°C
  • Movable Temperature Range: -5°C To +50°C
  • Size: 31.1×25.7×6.2mm

Additional Details:

AR Glass Specification:

  • Glass shape: 8.4*7.6mm(t=0.30mm)
  • Wave Length(nm): 400~1100nm
  • Transmission(%): T>93%

Blue Glass Specification:

  • Glass shape: 8.4*7.6mm(t=0.30mm)

  • Wave Length(nm): 380~625±10nm
  • Transmission(%): 470ms T=50%
This device functions without a controller board. Here's how it works:
There's basically just a coil in the cut filter that acts as a magnet to move the filter in/out. The IR cut filter coil attaches on the 2-pin micro JST connector - pin 4 is the black wire and pin 5 is the gray wire.

To move the filter out (Night mode) apply the following:
Pin 4 (Black) Ground
Pin 5 (Gray) +5.5V (or greater) pulse 0.5 seconds

To move the filter in (Day mode) apply the following:
Pin 4 (Black) +5.0V pulse 0.5 seconds
Pin 5 (Gray) Ground 

The filter will stay in the mode it's switched to after the current is applied. You need to apply a greater voltage than +5V in order to move the filter out, but it takes less current to move the filter back into place. Basically all the controller does is reverse the current to move in/out the filter.

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