PC Data Acquisition Unit (Assembled)

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Skill Level : Assembled and Tested

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Use the parallel port of your PC as a real world interface. It enables your PC to both monitor & control external events and devices. The world is a mixed analog & digital world. With the appropriate sensors the PC can monitor physical variables such as pressure, temperature, light intensity, weight, switch state, movement, relays, etc, process the information and then use the result to control physical devices such as motors, sirens, other relays, servo motors (up to 11) & two stepper motors. Hardware Features: Eight Digital Outputs. Open collector, 500mA, 33V max. Sixteen Digital Inputs. 20V max. Protection 1K in series, 5.1V zener to ground.Eleven Analog Inputs. 0-5V, 10 bit (5mV/step.) One Analog Output. 0.2.5V or 0-10V. 8 bit (20mV/step.) Small plastic box (140mm x 110mm x 35mm) with screen printed front & rear panels supplied. Connected to the PC by a 25 pin straight through cable. Software utilities & programming examples supplied. (CPS93)

NOTE: Please allow 24 hours for assembly!Documentation in acrobat format (K93)
Documentation and Downloads

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