C What Happens Using PIC Microcontrollers and the CCS C Complier

This book contains a series of explanations and examples for those who want to learn to program PIC microcontrollers using the C programing language. It is assumed that the reader has no knowledge of the PIC microcintrollers or programming, but does have a rudimentary understanding of electronics.

Easy Microcontroler'n (ver 4.1)

This book is intended to ease the beginner toward understanding and application of the PIC line of microcontrollers from Micro Technology, Inc.

Microcontrol'n Apps

This book is an intermediate level applications guide covering Microchip Technology's PIC Microcontrollers. 

Time'n and Count'n

This book is an intermediate level book on 16-bit timing and counting applications using Microchip Technology's PIC microcontrollers. 

Serial Communications

This book is a comprehensive advanced level book which details various methods for implementing serial communications between a Microchip PIC microcontroller and an external device. 

Mov'n Up, Migrating from the PIC Microcontroller 16 Series to the 18 Series

This book contains information on the 18 Series devices which have some features that make them easier to use.

Getting Started with PICs 2006

This book contains all the magazine articals from 2006 "Nuts & Volts Magazine"

Programming the Basic Atom Microcontroller

This is the only book written that covers the Basic Atom modules and chips

Beginners Guide to Embedded C Programming Volume 2

This book contains what is needed to get the reader to the next level by introducing how to drive displays, how to use interrupts, how to use serial communication, how to use the internal hardware peripherals of the PIC16F690 Microcontroller such as SPI, PWM and Timers.